Exam Results Slide issue

Help, please!

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with this results slide. Visually, users are getting the variable name instead of their actual results. The LMS is then sending the "course complete" email to the user, but is not updating the transcript.

It's a 5-question quiz, and the answers should be fairly intuitive. 



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Richard Mulcahy

Ok, I know why I thought you had to remove the period. When I first look at you variables I noticed the variables did not have a period. But it appears you may have created these as they were not the Built In variables. Built in variables do include the period. Project Variables are created by the user. Built In Variables are the system variables that should have the period. Sorry for the confusion.

Probably the originally problem was you results slide was messed up.  All you had to do was delete and re-create. I would also recommend you remove the  4 Project variables named Results etc, as you don't need them and may cause confusion.