Example for download: Evaluate a passage and view summary of selections

The attached project snippet was designed for an interaction that involved the trainee reading a passage and then evaluating whether certain issues are present, not present, or unsure. The final frame summarizes all of the selections made in the prior three frames.

Use case: This was used in a training exercise where a person’s narrative of experience was evaluated for the present of risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors. The exercise was designed to provide evaluative practice that emulates trainees’ field based work.

Design: Variables were created with default values based on the number of evaluation examples in each frame (some at zero), and then changed according to user input. There is a dynamic tally on each frame so trainees know how far along they are in each frame. If you change the number of "issues" they will look through, you will have to change the default values in the variables to match the "# down" and "#to go" figures.

Layout: Please CHANGE THE LAYOUT DESIGN so that it looks more like your own design and less like the design I provided to my client. :-)

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