Example I did based on the interactive conversation models JellyVision uses

Hello Hero's,

Here’s an example I did based on the interactive conversation models JellyVision uses.

Hello. My name is Chip.



P.S. After the intro, experience the whole 25 minute course as a "1 minute warp speed demo version".

P.P.S. Got questions about this project (design, build, ID, coffee, etc.)? Fire away. I got answers.

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Candy Ferdin

Hi Ryan, 

I see this post is over three years old, but I'd still like to be able to see it if you still have it available.  When I clicked on it, it said File Not Found.  My team is working on a "choose your own adventure" approach to developing leaders.  They may not need all the skills, but may need some.  I'm trying to figure out a way to have leaders go through a survey or assessment that makes a recommended learning path based on their responses.  Seeing as many examples or finding templates for this new team of developers would be a huge help!

Thanks in advance! :)

Ryan Martin

Hi Candy, at the moment the example isn't hosted anywhere. 

This example was a leanear path (no branching) meant simply as an engaging set-up, and, what you might call a "Pattern Interrupt" to break the learner’s normal thought pattern and activity pattern (regarding an e-learning experience).

I assume you want something like this: https://www.typeform.com/help/what-is-logic-jump/

Maybe that tool will help?

Another option, if you want to go the Storyline route is to make a simple 10 question Yes/No quiz that then recommends a learning path (custom feedback) based on how many 'Yes's' are answered—4 and below = path 1, 5-7 = path 2, 8-10 = path 3.