Example: Medical Course Demo

I just wanted to share this demo I created. This is a compilation I created from several different activities and interactions that I developed for a client on various courses. They allowed me to reuse the interactions I created for them as long as I changed most of the content.  

With this demo I wanted to give it some visual depth so I played around by adding shadows to the menu items. On the main menu, I separated the menu items from the shadow and placed them on different motion paths. When the menu items, the shadow moves differently creating some depth.

I added sliders to create interactive demonstrations on how force causes different fractures.

In this interaction (below) I have around 6 sliders controlled by 1 slider and a single variable. 

Here I created custom animations to help explain the different cardiac conditions of the heart. (I love After Effects)

Click here if you would like to explore the full course.

Edit: Updated Link to view the example.

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