Examples of 1) Digging and Trenching or 2) Hoisting and Rigging e-Learnings

I am an Instructional Designer for an Oil and Gas company. I will develop technical and safety training on these topics. I would like to see what others have done and learn what was effective for them. If you don't have example of these but do have safety training examples that will help me too. It can be either Storyline or Rise. Thank you! Manuel

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Manuel Arellano

Hi Allison, you rock! Thank you for the quick reply and the excellent, relevant examples. I would like your coaching on creating a Ground Disturbance (Digging and Trenching) eLearning. Attached is a list of 4 potential modules of course content. I am including this to show the complexity of the training. Ultimately, the training could be 7 or 8 modules with a total of 45 minutes of view-able content. 1) In your experience, is Rise or Storyline the preferred platform for delivering a long, complex course? I believe Rise is faster to develop - this is a huge benefit. I am not clear what the benefits of Storyline would be. 2) Also, in Rise could it be worth creating Module 1 as a standalone that links to Module 2 once you complete Module 1 etc. I know these may be subjective questions but I value your opinion and experience. Thanks! Manuel

Allison LaMotte

You're welcome :) Here are my answers to your other questions:

1. Great question! Here are some articles that will help you decide which tool (or tools!) to use for your project:

2. If you're using an LMS, you can likely create a learning path that includes all the courses, in which case there's no need to include a link to course 2 at the end of course 1. However, if you're not using an LMS, that is definitely something to think about.

I hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

Manuel Arellano

Bon jour Allison,

Thanks for your support and coaching! As I learn more about my primary audience, I believe Rise is not a good match. A significant portion of the learners may not have strong skills reading English. Rise is more ereading than elearning. The narrated voice over offered by Storyline will be more effective with this audience. 

In a separate training scenario, the supervisor training can be very technical. For example, calculate the inner diameter of a specific type of pipe then refer to a table of measurement data (resource) to carry out a 2-step calculation that determines how much fluid will flush the pipe-see attached. I have an Electrical Engineering degree (I know math) and this made my eyes glass over!

Can you please send a link/s to Storyline examples for highly technical training similar to this? I would like to know how others have approached this.



Allison LaMotte

Hi Manuel,

I'm not sure I have anything that's exactly what you're looking for, but I did find this example that includes calculations: Training Return on Investment Calculator


Feel free to browse our examples and downloads hub to see if you find anything else that piques your interest! :)

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Manuel: I, too, work in the OIl/Gas/Utilities space. If you private message me here or ping me on LInkedIn, I can send you a few samples that might inspire you. 

Also consider following Matt Guyan (senior instructional designer) and Mosaic Learning ( a major player in oil and gas training.) --Daniel