Executing JavaScript with a button in A360

I have attached a Storyline file to go with this post.

We designed an exercise to help learners test the strength of a password.

I designed the slide (1.7) so that after you type a password, you click outside of the text box to execute the JavaScript (JS). This will cause the locks below the text entry field to highlight in brighter colors, make the “Second Check” button appear, and the General Guidelines will slide on to the screen.

You have to click the background to execute the JS because it will NOT run if you click a button, shape, or text box. From a previous ticket I put in with Articulate, neither we or they knows why the JS execution functions this way. Since Articulate doesn’t officially support JS, they sent me out to the community.

I was forced to create a workaround and add a First Check “button” image to the background. This way it looks like the learner is clicking a button to activate the JS.

The problem is that when you first access this slide, if you click somewhere else on the background before typing a password and clicking “First Check”, the exercise will execute as if you had. So the “Second Check” button will show and the “General Guidelines” will appear on the slide. All this happens without you typing a password.

This is something we discovered in our testing. No customer has complained about this as of the time this was documented.

I was able to prevent this from happening after the “Second Check” button is clicked because I have a transparent box appear after it’s clicked.

I’m putting this back out to the community to see if anyone can provide us with any insight as to why JS will activate by clicking the background, but not a button or shape.

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