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Judy Nollet

The EXIT button is supposed to close the browser window, no matter what browser you're using.

However, I've found that other settings can interfere with that. For example, the LMS for one of my clients presents a dialog box that says a program is attempting to close the window and asks if that's okay. In other words, it adds a step to the exit process. I'm not sure if that's due to a browser-security setting or an LMS setting. It's just one of those things we have to live with.

Judy Nollet

Perhaps some of this confusion is with terms. As I understand it, the EXIT command should close the browser window that contains the course. That's not the same as closing/quitting the browser itself. So, for example, in LMS's that I've worked with, launching a course from the LMS opens a new window. Exiting the course closes that window, but the window with the LMS remains opens. So if other courses are listed in the LMS window (i.e., there is a curriculum set up with multiple courses), those would still be there.

BTW, from what I've seen in the Forum and elsewhere, people use the words course and module differently. I use course to refer to the published content from one Storyline file, but some use module for that. And some use course or module to refer to a set of items published from multiple Storyline files. For that, I tend to use curriculum. Ah, semantics!

In any case, I have seen different browsers behave differently for a given LMS. Is that due to a browser setting, or to how a browser interprets an LMS setting? I don't have the expertise to answer that.

Mike Stewart

Thanks Judy.  Yes, I use 'course' to refer to the entire thing, which may contain one or more 'modules'. Each module is an individual published Storyline package (SCORM). My GDPR 'course' contains 12 'modules'.

I could set each 'module' to open in a new window, that should work. It's just that I've never had to do that before.

Some early modules I've inherited on the system were written in a different application (Adapt?) and set to open in a separate browser window ... but these I found opened in the original window and a new window, which confuses many of our users. 

SL2's player has an option to open in a new window, and so does Moodle - so I guess I'll spend some time seeing which does what and if either work for me in Edge, IE, FF and Chrome.