Expandable groups/folder inside the triggers window

Hi Storyline,

Can I request an idea of having expandable/collapsable groups inside of the triggers window so that it is easier to manage the triggers. I am sure a lot of users use multiple triggers, sometimes over 50+, and it gets difficult to keep track of them all.

A collapsable folder structure would leave help in keeping everthing organised and more user friendly.



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chiefy .

This is a brilliant idea! Just like how photoshop helps you organise your layers/folders via a similar system to what you describe.

Hopefully this is something the Articulate team take a serious look at, because it's getting silly when we have to detach the triggers window, max it's height, and still have to scroll through triggers to find what we're looking for.

chiefy .

Although a feature request is a good idea, I feel like getting the attention of the community is a much more productive way of getting things done. A discussion on the subject would allow the Articulate team to see how the community as a whole would like such a feature to be taken... rather than a single feature request, by one person, that won't be address until Storyline 3.