Export Slide number with JavaScript?


I was wondering if anybody else has done this. 

I would like to insert some javascript in the master slide to push the slide number variable out to a text placeholder on the main html page that would display the information. This would help speed up reviewing because we would know exactly what slide number it is. And if we add/delete some slides we don't have to update it compared to manually placing slide number variables. 

I know some of the variables are "hidden", just wondering if anybody has cracked the code on this.

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Michael Burns

Hey Jerson, have you already considered just adding a "%SlideNum%" variable or something like it, adding 1 to it as the first trigger on the master slide, and then execute JS? That way you'd have a sequential numbering for each slide - only obvious problem is that you couldn't branch with precision, it would only be accurate if there's 1 track for the learner.

Interested to see what you eventually go with.