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Christy Tucker

The *content* is pretty hard (read: basically impossible) to get without the source file, but the audio files are present in the published SCORM. The file names are obfuscated, but they all exist in the zip folder. Audio and video files are in the story_content folder; images are in the mobile folder. (For Captivate zip files, look in the ar folder for audio and dr for images). You have to listen to the .mp3 files to figure out which slides they match up to, but you can recover them.

Tom Kuhlmann has an article on one workaround for using screen captures to capture old content. You could use this method and then sync the screen captures with your audio files, assuming there isn't too much animation. You'll have to rebuild any interactivity, as the article explains.


Matthew Bibby

If the course was published with SL3 or SL360 then dropping this code in the JS console will allow you to select the text onscreen (so it can be copied):

document.querySelectorAll('text').forEach(node => {
node.style.pointerEvents = 'all';
node.style.userSelect = 'all'

This article may also be helpful.

You should also be able to find images and audio in the locations Christy mentioned.