Favorite demos, tips, and tutorials shared in Heroes in 2012?

OK, so on the basis that this is probably the best online Community around, what was your absolute favourite, best, most useful tip, trick and or contribution in 2012?

What one tip that you learned here could/would you share with other forum members, and for the benefit of NEW members?

For me - it was the realisation that you could animate "by first level paragraph", which means you only have to create one text box, rather than a whole series.

Anyway - what is YOUR tip to share?

Happy 2013.


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Bruce Graham

Eric Nalian said:

Another great tip - Double clicking the Format Painter button holds it down so the format of one object can be copied over to many objects without having to click that again and again and again...

Agreed - one of my favourite all-time PowerPoint/Storyline/Excel etc. tricks


Jeff Kortenbosch

How about all these AMAZING tutorials from our community guru's: http://learn.articulate.com/

I especially enjoy the Quizmaker one as most people in our organization use the default form view to create their tests and mostly pick the multiple choice question. This shows how easy it is to take your tests and quizzes to the next level!