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Apr 17, 2019

I'm not a software developer but can appreciate the technical difficulties in satisfying some user requests. However, there seem to be a lot of requests that take a lot of time to be resolved or there is little feedback as to why they cannot be resolved (ever or at the moment).

Some requests get 'reactivated' when someone comments on an outstanding issue. I know I've come across some which had not crossed my mind but would certainly benefit me; or use/create a product in a different/more effective/more efficient way.

In amongst many of the great updates regularly provided, there are some that may be of less value to the majority but which may be included because they are easier to create.

There's a correlation between business and user needs in terms of value and I wonder whether Articulate would consider producing a dynamic leader board of feature requests and development ideas where users can see all requests and vote on them. Of course a high placing does not guarantee resolution and an indication of development complexity (really hard, moderately hard, hard, easy peasy) would help users understand business plans.

I'd hope that this improves transparency and understanding in both directions. What do others think?

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Jen Scully

Excellent points. I agree, something like this would be fantastic 

I was surprised when I started using SL in 2018 that the Articulate site didn't have something like this, as many applications I've used do this. Often they also let users vote for their favorite feature others have requested, which can help the development set relative priorities. 

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