Feedback Master Button Font Color Issue

Jun 22, 2018

Hi Heroes,

I have created a company training template with a slightly modified feedback master based on the "Clean" theme. I have noticed that in every course I've built from this template, if I create a graded question slide, the feedback layers display the "continue" button with white text instead of black text, as the master layout should dictate. My only workaround is to manually change the text color of the button on every feedback layer of every question slide. It makes no sense! Is my template flawed? Could it be a bug in the code? Help!

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Stephanie Blakemore

I tried adding a Feedback Master (which is the new Modern one) and switching to the new and back to my custom one to see what that would do. Still white text on the button. And guess what. The buttons on the Modern feedback layers have white text too. (So invisible text, since the background is white.) What is going on?

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