Feedback Master Slides: Surely I'm missing something...


For the life of me I cannot wrap my brain around Master Slides. I'm trying to put together some "templates" for quizzes and thought I understood, at a very basic level, how Master slides work. It seems I still have no idea how they work. Here's my problem:

I created what I thought was a very basic Feedback Master Slide named "Clean". Beneath Clean there are subsequent Correct and Incorrect layouts.

I used Clean-Correct and Clean-Incorrect just fine in this "template":

But, for some reason, everything goes haywire when I use Clean-Correct and Clean-Incorrect in this "template":

How is this possible? The Feedback Master for both is Clean, and I assumed that when you clicked on the Correct and Incorrect layers created when you add a Question Slide, that Feedback Master's design would carry over. That doesn't seem to be the case with the hot mess above. I'm on the Correct layer and I get a red X. The text is all over the place. What is going on? 

Also, is this what you do with Master Slides? I'd like to create a handful of templates I can just copy and paste into different projects. Does doing something like--namely, copying and pasting quiz questions--screw up anything in the back end--reporting, Results slides, etc.?

Thanks for any insight! 


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Daniel Brigham


Something similar happen to me when I created custom feedback masters based on a built-in Storyline template that I tweaked: the feedback masters did not play nice at all, and I had to do a lot of tweaking to get them to look decent. 

I don't have a magic fix here. Just wanted to let you know that you are probably not alone.

Heather Vogt


Thanks for your response. In looking at my Feedback Masters, I see the Clean Correct Feedback layout, but when I go to the Correct layer in the project, I don't get that option in the drop-down. I only get Clean (not Clean Correct which is what it's called in the Feedback Masters).

I attached my project; slide 3.2 is the problem. Maybe I just leave Clean alone completely? I don't know... 

I cannot make sense of how these master slides work. In fact, just yesterday I spent a solid two hours putting together Master slides and Feedback Masters for my organization and preserving them (using the Preserve button) only for them not to be there when I opened a new project! Isn't that what the point of preserving is? If I'm not using the Master I'm currently creating in an open project, I preserve it for later. 

I've done research on this question but can only find videos and explanations that discuss how to create the Master slides (which I understand), but using them outside a current project (preserving them) or tweaking them is beyond me entirely it seems.

Thanks for your help! You're always an incredible help!  

Ellie Rest

I was just searching this site for instructions or information on Storyline 360 Master and Master Feedback slides because I'm having the same issue and thought I missed something and the purpose and use of Master and Master Feedback slides must have changed between Storyline v1 and v2 and 360. I made the mistake of importing two slides from two other courses, which seems to have imported all of the Master and Master Feedback slides from both of the courses that can't be deleted despite applying my course layout to the imported slides and their layers.  I also have a Clean layout in my Master Feedback that won't let me remove even though its not being applied anywhere.

Alexander Salas

Hi Heather, 

Have you tried saving your "template" as a .storytemplate file? Then, you would import only the quiz slides to your new project. Copying and pasting masters from project to project may not work because of all of the differences between files i.e. formatting etc.

I saved your file as a template and then bring it in to another project (attached) using the import method. This works for my team but, perhaps I don't know all your details.