DSE Assessment feedback please

Hi All,  

Im still a bit of a newbie to Storyline 2 and have been task to build a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessment.

I have attempted to do this using my limited knowledge, Im trying to utilise as much as i can with variables etc so your feedback on this DSE would be appreciated.  Let me know your thoughts of how i can improve this and its functionality.

Thanks in Advance 


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Darren Wall

Hi Glen,

Thats a very smart looking E-Learn!

We've got something similar for our organisation. If you've got the time, I'd be tempted to throw a few scenario based exercises in there, nothing too in depth though - for example when setting up the chair, you could be given a brief description of a person and you then need to adjust the chair to make it as comfortable as possible. This could be easily achieved using states and sliders, including a slider at the bottom indicating how comfortable they are!

Thanks, Darren