[Feedback wanted] Biomedical research ethics course

Mar 06, 2014

Hello everyone.

My first finished course "Biomedical research ethics" is now out in the first beta version.Was hoping for some feedback on it. There might be som bugs here and there. If you find any, be sure to let me know.

If you have any other comments be sure to let me know  Thats what makes us better right?



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Morten,

I won't comment on the videos since I haven't had time to watch it all. Looks good though.

On a technical side, I have two comments :

  • On "Learning Goals", place an empty transparent shape or hotspot underneath the 4 lesson shapes so it covers the vertical margins between the buttons. This way you won't have the background flash effect when trying to hover over lessons.
  • Use a transparent hotspot over each video to prevent the user pausing by left-click.

Hope this helps,

Morten Skoglund

Hi there Alexandros

  • Learning goals was fixed for the next version. However I just unchecked the "Restore on mouse leave" for the hover effect. That did the same trick.
  • Good point about the videos. didn't notice that the seekbar moves forward even though the movie is paused. Fixing it for the next version

Thank you very much  =)

Jeff Kortenbosch

Nice work Morten. Alex pointed out 2 simple improvements which I would surely implement.

You also might want to:

  • Have the background images fade in instead of just appearing. A smoother transition can make quite a difference.
  • You could apply a fade as a slide transition as well. 
  • You use colors from the basic color scheme in you slides which is fine but doesn't really match the player color. I'dd go with a nice slate or light grey menu so it wont clash with your color scheme on the slides.
Phil Mayor

It looks nice.

I would set the transition on the state change to fade, it is just too sudden.

i found the videos difficult to watch, I don't think it is the content as I am a qualified biomedical scientist and also was a Research Nurse for for over 8 years.  

I could not get the drag and drop to work at the end of the first video.

Nice work!

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