Fill in the Blank Interaction (with word hints)

I was looking for a different way to show a bullet point slide.

Technically this is still just a bullet point slide, but I've changed it to a fill in the blank interaction that must be completed before moving on.

The goal here is for the learner to actually read the statements and think about what word best fits the sentence.  They should already know this information as practitioners, so this is more for reinforcement than quizzing in this context.  It certainly could be reconfigured for a number of different situation.

You can see it in action here:

You can download and re-purpose the slide from here: download
The file should work with Storyline 360 and 3.

The main statements (bullet points) are on the base layer with the keywords highlighted in blue.  The keywords to choose from are at the bottom of the screen.  For each keyword I inserted/placed a textbox on a layer and positioned it over the corresponding blue word.  Using the slide layer properties, I set each layer to be visible always. [Tip: meaning if you open the slide layer properties you will see no check boxes.]


When this slide is first seen by the learner I want them to be able to see every layer, so the base layer has a trigger set to show layer 1 when the time line starts, layer 2 shows 3, layer 3 show 4...etc.

Each layer also has a trigger to check the text that the learner types into the corresponding text entry box.  If the text typed in is correct then the matching keyword below is "striked out" (state is changed), one(1) is added to a variable that counts how many words are correctly entered, and the layer is now hidden so that the BLUE keyword on the base layer is revealed.

[Tip: the layer has to be set to hidden because you can't change the state of a data entry text box]

When the variable that counts how many words are correct equals 6, the (created) Next button changes from disabled to normal, and the learner can proceed.

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