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Aug 14, 2020

I found a nice template for a fill in the blank interaction I liked on the site and tried to replicate it - with less than amazing results. It has some logic built in that is beyond my skill level. I was hoping someone could look at it and see if they can help me get to "AMAZING."  Appreciate the assist.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Lori,

That is an amazing interaction. (Well, except that it was missing some triggers to control the Next button.) 

In the attached file, I did this with the first interaction:

  • Fixed the triggers and state so the user can't advance until they correctly fill in all the blanks.
  • Gave relevant names to everything, because that makes it easier to see what's happening and to troubleshoot. 
  • Added 2 slides: 1 to explain what's happening on the base and 1 to explain what's happening on the layers. 

I hope this helps you make your own interaction amazing! 

FYI: It's worth the time to learn about variables, conditions, and states, because they provide the real power in Storyline. So, if necessary, check out the Articulate's tutorials and user guides (

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