Filter by My Posts

I posted this in another thread but am re-posting it as it's own so it doesn't get lost.

The site looks great...but I miss being able to filter the discussions to those where I have posted.  Without this ability, I need to stay subscribed to threads so I can easily filter on my subscriptions and follow-up when/where needed. This wouldn't be a big deal except that subscriptions generate email every time there is a response. My mailbox is already stretched to the max and if I look in the garbage bin for today, well over 1/2 of the messages I've deleted today are from e-learning heroes. 

It is annoying to the point of driving me to unsubscribe from all of my threads and forget about doing any follow-up.

The site improvements are all welcome... but not every change made was an improvement. I hope that some of the old functionality can be brought back. I would hate to have to add e-learning heroes to my spam filter.

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