Final Exam Correct/Incorrect Feedback

Currently with our final exam, the learner can review their correct or incorrect answers after completing the final exam with the "Review Exam" button.  We want to experiment with giving immediate feedback after they answer each question.  Is there a way to easily do this? - i.e. can you basically turn on or turn off this function?  I was playing around with the feedback for each question slide, but it appears to me that you have to enter in your own feedback for each question.  What I am looking for is just a way we can have immediate feedback that says whether or not they got the answer correct and which answer is the correct one.  Is this something that is an easy feature to activate in Storyline or is it something that basically must be created from scratch?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Patti Bryant

Hi Stefanie!

Good news - yes, there's a way to do this and it's super simple. Here is an article that shows you how. Basically, on question slides, you set it to provide feedback by question and then enter the feedback you'd like to display.

Let us know what questions you have from here. Have a great day!

Keepin' the joy,