Final Result Page Not Returning Pass Result

Good afternoon Heros, 


I'm currently having an issue with result slides. I have 5 modules each with a result slide within a course. The last slide for the course is a result slide to state if you'd passed the entire course etc. 


The way each of the modules is set up with resulting in 33% to pass, based upon the questions are branched (12 main questions with Sub A and Sub B - If you fail for example Q4 it takes you to Q4A if you fail that it takes your to Q4B if that fails it takes you back to the main slide for that scene to rewatch the video. If you pass you move on to Q5. 


I'm able to pass each module, however, the final result slide is stating failure. I've tried changing the settings etc, and I've no remaining ideas to try and urgently need some guidance here, please. 


I've attached the file for your review and contribution - Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide. 


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