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I am looking to build a eLearning portfolio, so far all my work has been in the educational field at the elementary to high school level , I would like to build some eLearning samples geared towards the corporate sector. I have read here on the forums about using government related content, I an not sure how that works or does anyone have other ideas for content?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Sabrina!

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums!

Good for you for being proactive and building out new samples for your portfolio! I have a few sample courses (Herbs & Spices Course and All About Blueprints) that I created completely from scratch, including choosing a topic and finding the information I needed for my content online. It's a lot of fun because it gives you a ton of creative freedom and flexibility.

My two subjects were not very corporate as you can see, but since that's your goal you might want to go with something high-level, general and business-y... a few ideas for topics:

  • How to negotiate with a customer (or anything customer service related)
  • Running an effective meeting
  • Workplace health & safety tips 
  • New employee orientation 

These topics have a business/officey angle but are still general enough to apply to a lot of sectors and organizations. 

Hopefully we get some other ideas and input from community members! Thanks again for posting your question Sabrina, and good luck and have fun with the portfolio. :)

Allison LaMotte

Hey Sabrina,

Another way to build your portfolio would be to participate in the weekly e-learning challenges here on E-learning Heroes.

The added benefit of this is that the topic is chosen for you on a weekly basis, and you'll get feedback from our awesome community!

This week's challenge revolves around Pantone's Color of the Year. I would definitely encourage you to give it a try!