***First Project Review Request***

Articulate Fans,

I created my first project from an Interactive Resume Template created and posted by Nicole Legault, as I am interviewing for an Instructional Design dream job that uses Articulate.

Would you review it, if you have time over the next 24 hours? 



Nancy Hoehn


3 Replies
Ulises Musseb

Great job. Looks nice, to the point and neat. A few thoughts:

In the "Skills and Abilities" slide, the circles are a little raggedy. Will it be possible to replace them with circular shapes?

In the "Portfolio", the first project (amazing work, btw), the text at the bottom is cut off, and it doesn't have any scrolling.

This one is just a suggestion, the slider, I increase the steps, so it's possible to drag the slider smoothly. For that, you might need to change the values to a range instead of an exact value.

I love that it's very succinct and cohesive in the choice of fonts and overall art work. Good luck!