Flash Calculator

Hi guys, I've got sick of trying to second guess what size my flash files should be when I import them into PowerPoint, so I decided to put this excel spreadsheet together to calculate it for me. There's probably something bigger and better out there that already does this, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

To use it, enter the PPT size into the width and height fields, and it calculates the size of the flash file (approximately) that will fit in that area.

You'll need to use the line guides to do this as to calculate the width and height in ppt, I take two lines, write down their value (shown when you drag the line like below) and add them together.

I've tested it and it appears to work pretty well - it'll sure make it easier when I'm building new flash content for my training now!! no more resizing after insertion, which is better for the image quality too! If you have any suggestions for improvements let me know. I think eventually I will stick it on a website somewhere, but I need to build one first!!!


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James Brown

On Power Point 2010 you can no longer embed flash or Macromedia objects. You would have to link to it. However, if you have flash, as I do, you simply open your articulate project in Flash and build the calculator  There are lots of web pages out there that explain how to do this in Action Script3. You basically create an calc.as file in the same file folder as your flash file. The file will contain the Calculator class which will be used in your flash articulate project to make a calculator with all the functions. Of course you'll need to make the buttons but this is pretty easy to do.

Chris Fletcher

Yeah, I'm pretty comfortable doing that, I just wanted to create something I could use quickly, and Excel is good for calculations so I used that. When I get a few mins I'll build the flash calculator. I was more commenting on the fact that I dont actually have a website at the moment!!