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Hi All,

I know that this question doesn't pertain to Articulate, but wanted to ask the community. I am looking for a course on how to learn Flash Game Development. Does anyone know of a company that offers a 1-3 day course on this subject? I am also looking for a course on creating a Second Life Simulation.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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James Brown

Q. Are you a programmer? Unless you are a programmer or have taken some courses on Flash, you can forget about the Angry Birds game. It's going to take programming in Action Scripting language in order to build something like angry birds and I have not see a something like Articulate that will quickly build a flash game for you using a GUI interface. Flash may look easy to build and making movies and banners is actually a piece of cake. It's when you want cross hairs to appear and to do something on a mouse click, like explode the image where the difficulty begins. Anyway if you are a programmer or have had some programming experience than this should be a fun new endeavor.

James Brown

BTW - Second Life is cool and IBM is using it pretty heavily for telecommuting. I have approx. 5 hours of Second life time which is nothing but I quite honestly thought it was boring but you can build presentation in second life but you are going to need to purchase some virtual real estate with some cold hard dollars. 

Good luck.

Karyn Lemberg

Hi -

For Flash games, as these people have said - yes it is a bit more involved than a 1-3 day course. Probably more like a year or more?

But that said - if you are really interested in starting out with some simple games and do know a little way around Flash, this guy has some awesome video tutorials on a range of skills.  (check the free tab as well for some starter ones)


Steve Flowers

Cartoonsmart has some pretty good starter and even a few advanced demonstrations / explanations. Here's an illustration of a similar mechanic to the Angry Birds setup. http://www.cartoonsmart.com/sling_shot_games.php5

A game similar to Angry Birds is going to take quite a few different crafts to pull together. Skilled programming is one of those (that takes awhile to acquire), skilled visual design (that takes time, talent, and style), and then there's experience design (how the thing works, the fun factor, the mechanics of scoring / progression / play - that takes time, talent, and style)

Flash is one of those things that is easy to pick up but quite difficult to master. And within the tool you have the flexibility to develop to your affinities. If you have a bent towards art, composition, or animation - you can lean in that direction. If you have a bent towards programming, you're free to go in that direction as well.

Just don't give up if you can't reach a goal that would take others a long time training in multiple disciplines (read multiple people) a long time to complete.  It's good to start somewhere Good luck and have fun.