Flipcard Help?

Jan 12, 2018

Hello, community.

I'm trying to create a flipcard to jazz up a course a bit and am running into an issue once the card is "flipped over".  I've attached the file in question.

I've gotten the triggers figured out for when you click on, for example, "How long will this take?", it plays a flip animation and then shows the text associated with the concept. 

I've figured out how to reset that initial card when you click the [Insert text Here] view.  What happens, though, is if you click one card and it flips over, and then you click the other card, the initial card disappears. 

Can I get some advice on how to fix this issue?  I'm wondering if I need to set a variable T/F or something like that.

Thanks as always!

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Daniel Young
David Tait

I think the issue is that your layers both have the option 'Hide other slide layers' selected in the layer options.

Double click each layer and uncheck the option to see if it resolves the issue.

That did it!  Thanks so much!  Man, I learn so much from this community... just spectacular!

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