Font size

Feb 06, 2013

Supposing a fairly "normal" sized font, what font size do you make your body text (so, not titles or other special words)?

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Dave Neuweiler


I'm working through some font size issues with a long-time customer who just changed over to a different LMS (Sum Total).

What I'm finding is that I'm getting feedback the text is too small, where it wasn't before (14 pt. Arial).

I've asked for access to their LMS so that I can see what they're seeing, but don't have it yet, so it's hard to evaluate. I'm wondering whether SumTotal somehow reduces the amount of real estate that the published out can occupy -- I've seen that in Moodle.I'll re-post when I get that figured out.

So for now, I'm taking the stance that minimum font sizes should be determined by how readable it is in the final environment that the content will reside.

Laura Semethy

I'm trying to identify what font size is ideal for regular slide text. I'd like to know who the expert is in this find support that justifies that opinion.  

I noticed that all of the Articulate Storyline templates use size 12 for the regular slide text. Is that considered 'ideal?' I know it depends on content, but is 12 too small, in general? It doesn't appear to be too small if that's mostly what Articulate templates are using. 

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