Fonts Issue - Please help!

Hello everyone, 

I am facing a really annoying problem for which I can't seem to find any answers whatsoever! Looking for some pointers, advice, tips, tricks from fellow community members!

Please see the attached screen shot for reference. When I compare the colors as well as the fonts in my published Articulate slide with those in my PowerPoint presentation slide, I can notice a considerable difference in sharpness (or crispness). The fonts appear blurry and broken at the edges. Even the colors on my published slide appear a little faded. 

I have read several posts regarding this issue but not one has worked. I have tried changing the quality of my presentation (CD quality), tried embedding the fonts in powerpoint, tried changing the font and font size, put everything in a new text box....No success :(

I am using Calibri size 15pt. I have tried changing to the Articulate font but even that didn't do the trick. Please! Help!


Sid Gordon

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Natalia Mueller

Sid- Have you noticed this with anything else on your computer? I'm a little confused because when I look at the png you attached, everything is perfectly clear for me except for the word "introduction" at the bottom. So much that otherwise, I can't tell the difference between the 2 images. I even zoomed incase it was just a size difference. 

Maybe someone else will have a different experience?

Sid Gordon

Hi Natalia, thanks very much for your help! To answer your first question - No, everything else looks perfectly clear on my computer. My laptop has an LED back lit screen with a very high resolution!

Let me try and point out a few differences:

1) Notice the color difference in the slide heading (which reads "Paste Special"). The Articulate slide has a slightly darker shade of blue and the color gradient is not very clear. In the PowerPoint slide the color is a perfect sky blue. The color is bright and the gradient is even and clear. However, this issue is not very critical because I can convert the heading into an image. 

2) However, notice the fonts in the first line of the slide that reads "The following table...". In the Articulate slide the fonts do not appear uniform. It's as if they are bleeding at the edges...I don't know how to put it exactly but the edges look slightly "uneven" and "jagged", as if there's a shadow behind them. The difference is only slight but its making the text difficult to read in my opinion. 

I will try looking at the same slide on another computer but I doubt if that would make much of a difference. 

Any other tips?



Phil Mayor

You could try changing the publish quality settings, I agree with Natalia I did not see much difference.  15 is a small font size though I generally try to stay above 18.  Some of this will be because you are using a high res screen and Studio content is only 720x540, but fonts could look better in studio.

Sid Gordon

Hi Kristin. Your avatar pic made my day. What a cute little baby!  

Gettting back to the topic.. am happy to know that I don't suffer from hypersensitive vision. In fact I put the course out to a controlled audience (around 50 odd) and 97% of the students came back saying they prefer the fonts we used in our old elearning course (which was plain HTML based).

Fact is that I am using the CD quality to publish my presentation and still getting these odd results. Surprisingly, the rest of the fonts in the Articulate player, including the menu items, tabs, etc., appear perfectly clear. The problem lies only with the stuff inside the slide. 

I have changed the font size to 16 and the results are slightly better. However, its quite unfortunate when you spend a fortune in an expensive software and you have to deal with such petty issues. Articulate is a great software and I appreciate everyone's involvement but minor issues such these simply take the joy out of the hard work. 



Phil Mayor

I think some of it is the version of flash that Studio targets, I do wonder if it gets rasterised at some point.  Its not good and other products do produce better results.

When you publish you may want to set it to resize to optimal size and lock it to optimal size in the player templates dialogue.  I dont do this as I prefer it to scale but this should slightly imporove the output, text is probably the part of studio that needs the most work (after engage bugs)

Sid Gordon

Hi Phil,

Once again, thanks for your suggestions. I have tried setting the player to optimal size but no luck. The only thing that seemed to work (albeit by a fraction) was to set the font size up by a point or two. 

Well our entire team here has high hopes for the next version of Articulate. But I am surprised there is not a single response from Articulate on this issue. Looks like I will just have to compromise for now. 

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.