For those working on a multi-person development team, what does your work flow look like?

I've recently transferred to a new eLearning development unit, where we now have multiple people who each have different roles within the development process. We are still trying to find our groove when it comes to the development of courses.

On our team we have 5 people + the supervisor. This is how our process worked with our first major project:

Curriculum Developer (CD) - worked with SME's to develop content, and transfered it to storyboard document. (Her skills are in ID. Has an understanding of SL, but is not a developer in it)

SL Developer 1 - Worked with CD to help come up with ways to deliver curriculum in Storyline, then created "rough draft" of the course in SL, based on the storyboard document. (Me - a jack of all trades. I have done both the ID and SL development, and can work comfortably in either. I am also the audio man - recording and editing narration for the courses)

SL Developer 2 - Took the rough draft, developed a style and style guide, and made the rough draft shiny! (His skills are in graphics design - but is proficient in SL. No ID experience)

SL Developer 3 - Took the shiny version and worked to ensure 508 accessibility compliance. Since we are a state agency, this is important for us. (Strong SL and graphics skills, and no ID skills)

Although we got through the course, we will be working on our work flow to over time to help clean up the process.

So, I was curious about others who work on teams that have multiple people doing different parts of the development. What does your process look like? What pitfalls have you run in to? What have you done to streamline your processes?

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