ForceTen as LMS for Articulate Storyline

My company is using ForceTen LCMS/LMS to manage the large amount of multi-departmental educational material that is in use. Recently, a small group decided that they were going to start using Storyline to produce a series of games and learning tools for monthly meetings around the company.

The LCMS/LMS people at my company are telling this team that to put up the Storyline content they will have to rebuild it in ForceTen.

I have no reason to disbelieve them except that everything I have read tells me that others are simply uploading their Storyline files to ForceTen and are having no issue.

Does anyone outh there have any knowledge of Forceten and Storyline compatibility? Is there documentation? I have scoured the web but have found little.

Thanks in advance

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Michael  Rice

Bruce Graham said:

Sounds like company policy rather than technical necessity.

BTW this is a useless answer. More of a comment really. I thought you guys were supposed to help. All I want to know is can you launch Storyline files on ForceTen LCMS. If you don't know, shut up. Snarky comments waste all our time.