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I've been asked to design an eLearning course in Storyline 2. A section of the course is to review 6 components of a form. Each component has about 5 to 12 different fields I need to describe.

I'm looking for advise/feedback on the best way to design such a page. What I have today is an image of the form and each component is numbered. I created a trigger for when the learner clicks on the number the Lightbox slide appears. I attached a sample.

Thanks in advance.

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Adele Sommers

Hi, Joe! 

This looks like a good application for Storyline's built-in markers.  They open their own information windows, and also can contain multimedia components, such as graphic images that represent the sections of a document. After inserting the graphic, you can resize  both the graphic and the marker's information window to make them larger, if you wish.

Have you by chance thought about using that approach?


Tim Slade

Hey there Joe! I just looked at your file. I agree with Adele, markers might be a perfect solution for this. I would also suggest using layers. Both of these options will let you condense this down to a single slide.

A couple of other notes:

  • If possible, I would suggest obtaining a full resolution PDF of the form. This will make the form appear much crisper. Currently it looks like a photocopy and it's hard to see any details.
  • If you choose to stay with your current numbered buttons on the screen, I would suggest giving them a hover state. This will let the user know that the form is interactive. 
  • On the slides that zoom into the form, again, if you can get a PDF version of the form, it will allow you to have a much higher resolution version of the form. Currently, you can't see any detail in the zoomed sections. I would make these images much larger.
  • I would also remove the text from the scrolling panel. You have plenty of screen space - no need to make the user scroll.

I went ahead and mocked-up some of these changes. See attached. Let us know if you have any additional questions!