Format Factory Rotate Video Question

I've been using Format Factory to rotate videos that often default to the "wrong" rotation when taken from smart phones. It's a cool free program that I learned about from this forum.

Sometimes when the files are rotated the become distorted. It makes sense to me that this might happen since often I'm rotating left (or right) 1X from a portrait to landscape orientation.

So my question is: which options should I be changing to remove the distortion, or can't it be done?

I've attached a number of screen shots here showing the options. I know some of you use FF and wondered if you have any advice.

Video Size options

Aspect Ratio options

Advanced options

and perhaps any  of these other settings?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Rebecca,

Sometimes, this is to be expected since pixel aspect ratios are usually not 1:1. Your best bet is to encode to MP4 with the highest possible quality (Bitrate, not video size) setting on Format Factory. It is also highly recommended to turn Encode 2 pass On (takes twice as long to convert the video, but the results are better.

Come to think of it, the ability to rotate videos within Storyline would make a great additional feature and will alleviate "double encoding" in cases like this.

Hope it helps,


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


Tx so much for responding.

I've tried what you suggested and when I start the process I get this error:

Error0x1:Incorrect Function

I know there could be other things going on - just wondered if you could "read" anything from this screen shot. And tx again for your response. BTW, the original also was mp4.

Alexandros Anoyatis

I am not exactly sure why that happens, it might be a missing codec, misconfiguration or software bug (it could be anything really).

You could experiment by turning AviSynth On, or turning 2 pass Off again (I know I said to turn it On, but I also get problems when enabling that with certain codecs).

That said, It is unfortunate that you have to convert an MP4 to an MP4 so you can then insert it to Storyline, which in turn may (or may not) convert that MP4 to another MP4...


Charlie  Malik

I'm not using Format Factory since my operating system is Mac OS. I'm using Faasoft Video Converter to rotate videos like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, etc. I have never encountered your issue with the program, happy with it.

There is also an article which introduce the steps on how to use the program to rotate videos on their official webiste. Very useful!