FREE: 8-Bit style True/False Quiz with novel use of scrolling panels

Hello everyone!

This week I went down a JavaScript rabbit hole following a discussion with Preethi and Chris during this week's ELH Challenge.  In her brilliant demo for ELHC #273 Using Scrolling Panels, Preethi used a snazzy bit of code to trigger events and actions based on the position of the scrolling panel, making it function a bit like a slider.

I recommend you check out this thread, where Preethi, Chris and I discuss the technical aspects in a bit more detail.

TL;DR this is a really cool way of making scrolling panels more versatile

Inspired by this discussion, I went back to and cobbled together this retro style true/false quiz.




The fonts used in this demo are PLAYBILL, APPLE GARAMOND and 8 BIT WONDER, which can be found here: 

It's subtle, but you'll see that the coins are disabled until the scroll panel reaches the correct position. 

For more great examples of this JavaScript in use, check out ELHC #273!

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Allison LaMotte

This is super cool, Jonathan! Love the design. Thanks for sharing. One small thing I would change if this were my project would be to not have learners do multiple attempts. Since there are only 2 possible answers (true or false), if learners get it wrong, they already know what the correct answer is. Just my 2 cents! ;)

Jonathan Hill

Totally agree, this is very much a proof of concept not a rigorous assessment, but could easily be adapted to have more than two possible answers.

As it's currently pitched this is more of a school level assessment with an emphasis on fun and learning by repetition/elimination, crossing the canyon through multiple attempts.