Free Business Storyline Template

Happy Monday Articulate Community!

I had some fun this weekend creating a Business Themed Storyline template and I thought I'd share with the group.

Download the Storyline file here.

See it in action here.

Also, I thought it would be fun to record the process of creating this template and put together a short time-lapse video. Check it out on Vimeo here.

Have a great week!

- Tim 

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Nicole Legault

Tim I love your work... I also love the timelapse idea! I have a personal obsession with timelapse videos (they are so cool!) I've done some timelapse videos myself in the past, which Ive posted to my blog (Another Photoshop Timelapse Video, is one of them)

It's so interesting to see how someone else does their work/ the process used... thanks for sharing!!

Rhonda Jones

Tim--I hadn't looked at Articulate's site for some time and have never been involved in the communities--that's going to change--your template is amazing but the time-lapse Vimeo blew me away! I had to sign up for E-Learning Heroes just to leave a comment. Very inspiring! Thanks for putting it out there.

Diana Myers

Tim - Thank you so much for sharing another fantastic "gem" from your creative mind!  A beautiful template and really fantastic use of animation (which I need to consider using more - and this was just the right kind of example to get me inspired).  As a Wisconsin Alumnae and a HUGE Badger fan, I also really love that Madison made the list of office locations

To quote my 6-year old daughter, 'YOU ROCK!'