Free course on Digital Sound Design from Coursera

If you aren't familiar with Coursera, It's a pretty incredible source for free instructor led, peer guided classes. They are offering a 4 week class on  "Introduction to Digital Sound Design" that starts on 1/28. Since there are frequent posts about recording audio, I thought there might be some here interested in enrolling in this. 

Here is a link to the class

If you aren't familiar with Coursera, here is a TED talk from Daphne Koller, one of the founders.

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Brilliant, I get no audio when playing the video at

It works when I view it on Google though.

Looks like it isn't exactly Instructor led but "The class will consist of lecture videos of 10 to 15 minutes each. There will also be reading and listening assignments, digital audio recording and design assignments, and exams."

Sounds, no pun intended, really cool!