Free "Create Your Own Quest" Game Template - PowerPoint Version!

Jun 17, 2014

This week's challenge is to take a fully-customizable game template that I created in Storyline and make it into your own game. Here's the challenge: E-Learning Challenge: Steal This E-Learning Template.

I just made a PowerPoint version that's as close as I could make it to the Storyline version, and I'm attaching the download file. 

Links that might help:

I hope you enjoy using it!

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Shilpa Agarwal

Hi Jackie,

Your game template is amazing!!

Am so keen to use it in my next instructional design assignment..!! Can't wait to see and hear the reaction of my colleagues!

But, was just wondering, in the ppt mode, how can I change the labels on the map, 'Label 1', 'Label 2', etc.. they seem uneditable in the ppt version.. :(

Can you help please..?

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Shilpa,

Thank you so much! I'm very happy you'll get to put it to good use and amaze your colleagues. (Colleagues should always be amazed.) Wish I could see the end result! 

The game board and any other elements that might seem to be "locked" are just on the slide master and very easy to change. Just go to View > Slide Master, and choose the master slide you want to edit. In normal view I believe you'll see them over to your left on the side.

This is one of the reasons I suggested watching the videos I made. They show the Storyline version, but when it comes to editing the slide masters, the procedure is very similar. The 2 videos are here and you might want to take a look at them just to learn a bit more:

Thanks for your question, Shilpa - and have fun!


Ari Avivi

Hello All,

Thought I'd jump in on this one.  It is a take on the classic trivial persuit game.  I used the built in questions so that it can be tracked and scored.

have some fun with it.

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Ari!

I'm so glad you're jumping in! I know it's confusing with multiple threads about this template, but if you post your entry over on David's challenge page you'll have officially made it in.

Here's the link:

Over there you'll also get to see the other entries community members have created for the challenge. It's a pretty fun bunch of entries and I'm glad you'll be one of them!


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