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Jul 20, 2020

Hi all,

One of the most used visuals in e-learning are the featured characters. My favorite characters are the modern illustrated characters.

For one of my recent projects, I was asked for a flat design character. This type of characters is 'not yet' included in SL, so I started illustrating Barry myself.

I completed the necessary poses for my project. ;)

Now I wonder if more developers would be interested in this type of character.

If so, I challenge myself to illustrate all the standard poses from SL and will offer them here as a free download.

Barry - flat design character

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Paul Alders

Hey Trina, thanks for the upload to the download hub. The only poses that are missing to complete my challenge are the left side poses of Barry. I will share these later on this week. 

Can you update the downloads hub with all the poses when I've shared them in this post? I will share a new zip file with all the poses (front, right and left) ;)

Paul Alders

Hey all,

Mission accomplished, here is the final zip.file This file includes all the different poses. That means 33 poses for all the views (front, left and right). in total 99 illustrations. All the illustrations have the same size, so they're easy to use when you want to work with multiple states in Storyline.


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