Free Form Pick Many Interaction

Hello community.

I am trying to build a free form pick many slide interaction and I am running into some trouble. So, I thought I would reach out to the experts (so I can become one).

Attached is the slide where I want the interaction to happen. I have provided 6 choices and one to all six could be correct. I want the participants to identify the options of what they guarantee when developing online courses. There is no correct answer. They could only choose one option or click all six.

So, when they hit submit, the Correct Layer is not showing. I have tried to check all correct but then that eliminates the option of only one being correct.

I want participants to choose any of the options that apply to their course design situation and then when they click submit they will receive the Feedback Layer.

Maybe I am choosing the wrong free form question option. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.



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Essentially, there is kind of a hidden question that you are asking: "Has the participant made at least one selection?" 
So, why not make it T/F question? You can hide the question behind your graphics and change the radio button representing 'true' to selected when a user selects any/all of the choices. 

I added a slide that does this to your original file. Take a look and see if this works for you.

Don Lourcey

Hey Owen, I have another question that I hope you can help me with. I don't want to impose, so if you can't I understand.

I am adding a video to a slide and it is set to the default story size of 720x548. Then when I go preview it is cut off by 1/3--has that white space.

Do I simply correct by changing the height and width of the video? I am curious since the story size for the slide is 720x548 why it is not fitting in the entire preview window.

I really do appreciate your help.


Don Lourcey

I am not showing video controls in this example. Here is a screenshot in edit mode and one in preview mode. I also include the .story file in the previous post if that helps. 

I have tried to adjust the size of the video to make it bigger than the slide settings and that seems to work but it looks really funny in editing mode.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Don

your story size is 720 x540 a 4:3 ratio and the video original size is 1920 x 1080 which is a 16:9 ratio.

If you want to maintain aspect which you had selected in your settings - when you choose the width 720 it changes the height to 405 to maintain 16:9. If you want the height of 540 it will change the width to 960


Here is how it looks in preview at 540 x 960 - you may want to tweak how it sits on the slide I have it centred/middle aligned