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Apr 21, 2017

Hi, Please feel free to use our full free course template, built in Storyline 2. Replace our marketing content with your assets as needed. Enjoy!


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8 Replies
Fran Heathorn

Some interesting things I learnt whilst building this template...

1. in a freeform hotspot interaction, if using a custom submit button, it has to be on a layer (not the main timeline) if you want it to work. 

2. On the feedback master, if you want to use your own custom button, you have to move the original one off to one side of the slide, not delete it. (

3. Hover state triggers that work perfectly on preview do not necessarily work on publish. Ended up removing them all to be mobile compatible anyway.

Pernille Ravnskov

Thanks for the learning-points! :) Feedback master has been a challenge.

On the learningside: I use quizzes more for learning than testing, and in that setting, NOT getting the right answer in the feedback (just the sign saying I was wrong) is frustrating. I've struggled sometimes on the more complex questions to fit the reply onto the feedback slide. Your hint here is helpful.

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