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Dec 10, 2016

Hi everyone

does anyone have any experience of using free lms systems with success?





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Christy Tucker

Sure, I've used Moodle with multiple organizations. Moodle is hardly a perfect system though. Many organizations would be better off spending a little money for an LMS that meets their needs better rather than spending money wrestling with Moodle. I've used Sakai (open source) and Canvas (freemium) as well. They all have pros and cons. The free and open source LMSs can work. Needs analysis is critical to figure out what features you need and how you're going to use the system. You also need to be realistic about ongoing maintenance and updates.

Kate Salvan

Free Learning Management Systems should not be considered by small organizations that don’t have enough resources to set it up, manage and administrate. If you have programming and technical experience, then Moodle is your solution thanks to its rich functionality. If you don’t have enough knowledge Moodle managing can be tough and time-consuming. There is no support available and you can either rely on community help by posting your questions on forums or hire a developer which can be costly. Thus a free LMS stops being such any longer.

There are low-cost LMS solutions available, though (JoomlaLMS, LearnDash,Sensei etc.). The LMS will be a paid solution, but there will be a support team to solve your issues and help with upgrades and customization. 

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