Free Navigation After Course Completion

Currently, we are disabling the Next button until the slide completes and then enabling it, to force the learner to view/listen to every slide. However, if someone wants to review the course, they have to take it from the beginning and complete every slide again. 
After completing the course, we would like them to be able to review, at will, any part of the course - perhaps through a menu.  But we don't like the way the built-in menu looks and don't want it to appear before they have completed the course.   Any suggestions to improve the learner experience with reviews?


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Eric Quarrell

Hi Janice, 

Two things you can do. First try changing your slide settings from "Reset to Initial State" to "Resume Saved State". That way when a user revisits a page it should save the active state of the navigation. If that doesn't get it working the way you want it you can set a True/False variable when the user completed the course, then have a trigger that changes the state of the navigation to active on timeline start for each else, if the variable is true. Let me know if you have questions or need an example.  

Janice Pericich

An example would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Eric Quarrell

No problem!

In example_nav1, I am have both custom and player navigation buttons to show you how this will effect each one (this option will only work with the custom buttons). Each custom NEXT is set to the initial state of DISABLED, unfortunately you can't set an initial state for the player buttons, so I set it with a trigger at the start of the timeline. At the end of the timeline (indicated by the 2 second animation, I have triggers which change the state of both NEXT buttons to NORMAL. Now if I return to any page where the timeline has completed, the final or SAVED state of the custom NEXT button is saved and the navigation is free. Unfortunately since we have to set the DISABLED state of the player NEXT button with a timeline start trigger, it is still DISABLED.

In example_nav2, I use only the player navigation buttons. I create a TRUE/FALSE variable called CourseComplete, and on the final slide I set this variable to TRUE. With the triggers I have on each content slide which set the NEXT button to DISABLED on timeline start, I add the condition IF COURSE COMPLETE IS EQUAL TO FALSE. So now my next button will never be set to DISABLED once I reach the final slide. (Note that you can do this with custom navigation too)

Using the variable is also a great way to lock sectioned content, but allow free navigation within each section, simply lock the next section in a course as disabled until the user views the final slide in the section before it. 

I hope that helps!