Free (Public Domain) Storyline game templates

Jan 22, 2014

As part of a USAID project (Education Reform Support Project) in Jordan, we developed 3 Storyline game templates (in both English and Arabic).  Because this was funded by the US federal government, the templates are now in the public domain.  You are welcome to use them in your courses, modify them, translate them, or do whatever.  The instructions on how to modify the templates are included in the download.

The three games are:

  • Goooal!!! This is a simple soccer quiz game with each answer being a corner of the goal.  This template can easily be set for anywhere between 1 and 20 questions.  Because this uses Flash animations, it's not recommended for mobile devices (though it is still functional in HTML5)
  • Win a Million.  This is a template for a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" type game with 15 questions and 3 hint types (phone a friend, ask the audience, and eliminate 2)
  • Make a Match.  This is a memory card matching game that allows 8 matching sets, either text or picture.  This uses JavaScript, so you have to publish it to preview it properly.

You can access all three (in English or Arabic) here: 

If you'd like to know more about how we created any of the interactions, I'd be more than happy to discuss.

CAVEAT LECTOR: Some of the sound files were licensed from Melodyloops.  While you're free to use them as is in the template, if you choose to use them for other projects you will need to purchase a separate license.

It's also worth noting that we were not under contract to translate all the content into Arabic.  So only some of the content has been translated.  However, everything is formatted for RtoL input, so the Arabic templates could easily support Arabic or Hebrew modifications.

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David Porcaro

Judson, You are free to add anything to the template or make changes, it's in the public domain.  The only caution I give is that the music was licensed only for the template, so if you are to use it for other projects you'll need to purchase a license from Melodyloops (licenses are $10).  Please see the credits page for more details, or feel free to message me offline.

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