Free Storyline 2 Slider! (And it Sings!)

For this week's Articulate challenge I created some gentlemen in pictogram form in PowerPoint, then as a bonus put them into a Storyline 2 slider so they could have fun singing together.

Feel free to grab the Storyline 2 file below! I've also included links to the slider demo and my blog post where I explain a bit more about how I created it. (Psst! If you'd like to download the customizable-character PowerPoint file, it's right here, too!) Enjoy!

Here's the demo.

Here's the blog post.

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Adele Sommers

Jackie, this is one part SPLENDID and three parts AMAZING! I can't decide whether it is even more clever than your fabulous slider demo from last week, but I am certainly harmonically inspired to continue learning from your incredibly creative compositions.

Thank you so much for your continued generosity in sharing your incomparable talents and templates!

Jackie Van Nice

Nancy Woinoski said:

This is lovely Jackie - really crisp and clean.

 Question, I tried downloading the story file and got a zip file with a bunch of files I can't open. Is the link to a .story file or a zip? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Nancy! Glad you like it. The file download works just fine for me (one SL2 .story file comes down and is fully functional), and I just tested it on Dan's computer, too, and it downloads and functions properly. Are you trying it on a machine without SL2? 

Jackie Van Nice

Hey - thanks Nick!

Coming from you - a visual craftsman extraordinaire - I'll take that as a major compliment! Yes, it's 100% pure PowerPoint shapes. No fillers; no additives.

The only reason I was able to manipulate those shapes so well was because I watched Mike Taylor's video where he talked about how to fine tune editing points. I've known about - and used - the Edit Points option on PowerPoint shapes for years, but found the lack of fine control frustrating. All it took was Mike showing me that there were point control options, and I was off and running!

I link to it in my blog postbut here's Mike's video. The Edit Points section (including the super secret part I never knew about) is at 7:20. 

Bruce Graham

The thing that coms back to me from this example, is the scenario when someone asks us to quote for business.

I had a client who had moved to a new company, and has now asked me to work with him, (YEY!).

On our first call - he mentioned a ratio of 50:1, (for every 1 hour content it will take 50 hours production time).

It is beautiful and thoughtful content like this that helps explain why the best among us quote, and charge what we do.

Once again Jackie - a beautiful piece of work.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

I have had that happen with SL2 story files I have uploaded for people.  They download them and it doesn't retain the correct file extension.  Once they rename to .story it seems to work...not sure why it happens...and yes I use a Mac.  Well I did until SL2 crashed last week and I can't reinstall it ;-(