Free Storyline 2 Template: Blockbusters Style Quiz Game

Sep 08, 2015

Blockbusters Quiz Game Template for Storyline

Hi Everyone,

The E-Learning community here is so generous with sharing free resources for everybody that I wanted to give something back. It took a while to develop something that hadn't already been done, but I think I now have something that I want to share. So here is my Blockbusters Style Quiz Game Template for Storyline 2!

Using this template you will be able to quickly and easily generate your own Blockbusters style quiz. The game is designed to be played individually or as a single team, with the objective of getting from one side of the letters board to the other without blocking your route. I have included some fairly easy questions in the template to demonstrate its functionality, as well as some fun sound effects and music to bring it all together.

I have created a quick and easy guide on my website for those looking to customise the template using their own questions: 

You can see the end product here: (directly below the main slider)

And I have attached a link to the Storyline file to this blog post, hopefully it will also be included on the E-Learning Heroes downloads page soon.

Thank you and enjoy the template,

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Gordon Fogg

Forgive the belated contribution to this thread but when I first saw Chris's great game a couple of month's ago I set about trying to recreate it in PowerPoint. I've managed to produce a version with the same 5x3 grid but the questions are MC (3 options) and feedback is given on right and wrong answers. Also moves up or down are allowed to bypass blocks. It works well but has a daunting number of slides. As someone who is planning to get Storyline in the New Year, I imagine that it would have been easier to have waited!!?

Yvonne Kroon

Hi Chris, I have included the game in an e-learning course, but am having a problem with publishing it. When I preview it it works fine, but when I go to publish it it goes straight to the end after one question. I published just your download and had the same problem. Any suggestions on how this can be fixed? Have others had the same problem? Many thanks for any help you provide.

Regards, Yvonne

Chris Hodgson

Hi Yvonne,

I have only been able to replicate the issue when publishing to HTML5.

I am guessing that activating triggers based on objects states does not work as well as it does when publishing to Flash, because the slide is supposed to check that the three columns of letter hexagons are in the 'Incorrect' state before loading the Loser layer - but in HTML5 it loads the layer automatically even if only one object is in the incorrect state.

If you really need to have an HTML5 version of your course, you might need to try creating a series of true/false variables for each of the questions (ie. isAQuestionCorrect) and then trigger the state change when the base slide reloads (you will also need to change the actions that trigger the Loser layer to load).

Best of luck!

Yvonne Kroon

Thanks for that Chris. I appreciate your quick response. I will have a play
with the variables.



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