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Home screen - This template is based on a fictitious TV Show

This template is based on a fictitious TV Show and its designed to train on the jobs and roles that can be found on a movie or television set. From Grips to Gaffers, Sound Techs to Production Execs this template is set up to show and tell what it takes to work on a movie set and all the various positions there are and the responsibilities of each. Of course, this template can be edited to fit just about any training program or topic. Feel free to use the template in any way you see fit. I am uploading the source file here but if you want the .PSD files and other asset originals I will be happy to provide them as well. Just contact me and I will get them to you. Thanks for viewing and please leave some feedback if you have the time. Thanks again!

Edit: I have added few more slides to this template as well as some sound, etc. If you downloaded the original, be sure to get this new version. The new scenes are worth it. 

StoryLine Version: 2 & 3

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