Free Trivia Style Template

Oct 31, 2013

Hello Articulate Community!

It's been a few months since I last posted a free eLearning template, so I thought I'd dedicate some time this week to get one out.

I decided to do things a little differently this time by creating a trivia-style template. What I like about this particular template, is that it can be adapted and used in many different ways. It could easily stand on its own as a fun trivia-style quiz, or you could quickly incorporate into a course and use it as a fun knowledge check. Additionally, all of the graphics (besides the background) are created using the graphic tools in Storyline. This means that you can easily change the colors and shapes to match your needs.

Check out the template in action here, and of course, download it for your own use here. Enjoy!


P.S., for those of you interested, I also posted this template on my blog here.

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Laura M

I do have '13!  I am so new to this whole thing that just seeing samples of work others have put together is so, so helpful.  I really appreciate how much you and others have shared here.  I'm just starting to spend more time digging around the forums, so I thought it might be good to chime in from time to time to reinforce how helpful it truly is for the more experienced folks to continue sharing

Diana Myers

Hey Tim,

I'm a bit late in replying, but THANK YOU so much for sharing this great template!!  I'm always inspired by your designs, both graphically and programmatically, and it's so generous of you to offer freebies like this to the Community.  I know it's a little thing, but I love the countdown timer...  such a simple thing, but sometimes I get so wrapped in all of the other details that I overlook the simple, cool things like this that make such a difference.

I can only aspire to someday help in the Community as much as you do!  Thanks (and Go Badgers!)


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