FREEBIE: Bulletin Board interaction for Storyline 2

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Hi folks,

Here's a new interaction I put together. This one is based on the Bulletin Board interaction you can find in Articulate Engage'13.

By default it features:

  • An introduction slide layer
  • 6 content slides layers (notes)
  • A summary slide layer

If you want some more notes just copy one of the existing notes, add a variable and duplicate a content layer and update the Summary slide triggers to add your new note(s).

There's an additional scene in the .story file with the graphics (all combined shapes) I used to create the notes so you can change it to any color scheme you need.

Hope you like it, let me know in the comments!



Check out the 'how to video' on Youtube:

39 Replies
Teresa Przybysz

Jeff, how do I set the base layer to allow students to see the NEXT button if they already visited every layer, when forward in course, then decide to go backwards and do the bulletin board again?  Right now, I can't get the Next button to show up even after I reclick all the bulletin board layer items.

Helena Smith

I really like the bulletin board idea. However I am trying to recreate the graphic and save it as a picture.  When I save it as a picture, only the post it minus the lines and the button will appear. 

What did I do incorrectly?  

Thank you and again great job on the board.