Freebie PowerPoint Outline Animation


Creating outline of an object and giving them few animations to fade into the object can result in a very aesthetically pleasing experience.

You can view the output here: Link

I have created this example in PowerPoint using various shapes and animations. But I am sure something like this can very easily be created in Storyline.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Patty Acree

This looks pretty cool. It takes a long time for the outline to be finished, which could be good or bad depending on what this is used for in a course; could also be good/bad depending on navigation within the course... If a kid can skip forward to the next slide, I don't think many kids will watch it all the way through - that's just my opinion though. 

Ashi (Neha) Tandon

Hi Patty, You made an excellent point here. It all depends on where you are using it. I recently embedded this functionality in a quiz where the learner has to guess the object before the outline gets complete so that turned out pretty well. Furthermore, you can always adjust the speed if it seem prolonged. Hope this helps :)