Freebie Stopwatch Graphic

I'm currently working on a set of courses that include several video clips and wanted a quick visual for the learner to see how long each video clip is going to be. So I created a simple stopwatch graphic using shapes in PowerPoint. You just type the time in the center of the graphic, right click copy, paste on the slide as a picture, then re-size, and right click save as picture. I placed the individual stopwatch pics in the hover state for each section/menu button. This graphic works great with flat design elements. Enjoy!

It is super simple, but sometimes the best solution is the simplest! 

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Michael Crouch

Hi, not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but based on Melanie's great stopwatch, I thought it would be great if it could have a working clock.

You can stop/start the clock using the buttons on the side of the stopwatch.

I'd love to know what you all think.

working stopwatch