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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Katie, 

Here is a simple and quick idea for it. It may be difficult to implement, tough. Users are asked to answer some questions and can mark the box when they find the correct answer. If they can't, the box is marked automatically. It would be like playing against the computer. 

I think it is better if It is used in classes and trainings. At least, this is what I would do. 

Astrid Case

Thank you, Felipe...This is another template I have been trying to work on...I do not get it...any clue on how to do it? I have got the 360 trial and I want to buy the software...I just do not want to download it and use the template.I am also trying to get the effects from the cupcake interaction- the freebie that Montse Anderson- shared with us...


Thank you



Astrid Case

You are awesome, Felipe ! I did open it in my laptop but the issue is
here at work!

I did look at it. I am trying to get the logic of it. There are so may ways
of doing things in articulate, which it is not that intuitive sometimes.
And by the way, your states and all that is what I was looking for. Just
need to understand it!

Thank you fro sharing!